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  Is Legal?

Yes! This web site is Legal and it is protected by the United States Constitution, US Code, and Federal Case Law. is a LEGAL investigative resource for the people. has immunity and its members are protected by the United States Constitution, Federal Case Law, and US Code, see 47 USC . s 230(c) --Section 230 of the communications decency act of 1996( the CDA) --- Ben Ezra, Weinstein, & Co. V. America Online Inc., 206 f.3d 980, 985-86 (10th cir. 2000) --- Batzel v. Smith, 333 f.3d 1018 , 1026-27 ( 9th cir . 2003) Barrett V. Rosenthal Ca Supreme Ct (Nov 2006)


We do not condone violence or threats of violence against anyone including police informants or law enforcement officers on this site.

Do not post full social security numbers. If an SSN is within a document you want to upload, you must black out the last couple of numbers.

If you post threats of violence or complete SSNs on any profile we will delete it, deactivate your membership, and ban you from this web site. You will receive NO refund. If you harbor any ill will towards a Police Informant or LEO, just let Karma do its job. If you have patience you will be amazed at how powerful Karma actually is.


One final rule... if you are involved with Law Enforcement in any way DO NOT purchase a membership. We do not want you as a member, we do not care if you need to see if your snitch is listed in our database. This site is for us, the general public, to use. So LEOs stay the *@%$ off this site. If we discover any law enforcement members, we will refund your membership and you will be banned.

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