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I would like to write a story about this site. Can I display the homepage as part of my story?
Yes you have our express permission to use/display the home page in your story.

How can I contact a W.A.R representative to arrange an interview?
Email us at If you need to meet a deadline feel free to send a few emails to get our attention. We receive many messges and sometimes emails just get missed.

The Public has given kudos to The site has been featured on numerous print, radio and television and online media. The site has been visited by millions since its release. It has many members from around the world.

Unsurprisingly, the Government, Prosecutors, Police and Law Enforcement have a very different opinion of They do not want Defendants or the Public to have knowledge of the sneaky and deceptive tricks used to make deals with spineless rat informants who are often paid cash or even released from jail (often for a more serious crime) in exchange for setting up others.


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