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  Membership Help

I would like to purchase a whosarat.com membership but I do not have a credit or debit card. What should I do?
Buy a prepaid debit/credit card. They are available at many convenience stores. This can be used to pay for your membership. Be sure to add sufficient funds to the card when you purchase it.

I just purchased a membership and the email receipt did not contain my username and password. Should I have received another email?
No. The receipt is the only email you will receive. Simply go to the Member Login page and use the case sensitive username and password that you created during your purchase.


Why does it say that my username and password are "case sensitive"?
It means that you must enter your username and password exactly as it was created. If it contained a capital letter, use a capital letter. If it contains a lowercase letter, use a lowercase letter. If it is all lowercase letters, enter all lowercase letters. If it is all CAPITAL letters, enter all capital letters. If you do not enter the letters exactly as you created you will not be able to login to the site.

I let someone else use my password just once to access the site at the same time as me. Now my membership is deactivated. What should I do?
There is nothing you can do other than purchase another membership and never share your login again. When you sign up as a member you are clearly warned that shared memberships will be deactivated. This security feature was designed to protect you and this website. Please read all warnings very carefully from now on.

What do I do if I forgot my username or password?
Go to this page and follow the instructions to enter the same email address used to buy your membership. Your username and password will be automatically emailed to you. If you don't receive it, make sure to check in your spam folder. If you do not not receive the email, try white listing support@whosarat.com and contact@whosarat.com in your email program and firewall security settings. Then repeat the process. If this still does not work send an email with a description of your issue to support@whosarat.com and whosarat98@ymail.com and we will assist you.


Frequently Asked Questions

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