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  Who Created was created in 2004 by Sean Bucci of Massachusetts who was vigorously fighting an overblown marijuana case in Federal Court. The charges against him were initiated by a jailhouse snitch who was paid and released from jail in exchange for dropping Bucci's name during a debriefing with the DEA. Quite often, CI (Confidential Informant) information is the evidence that determines if criminal charges are filed. Due to unfair prosecutor practices and dirty tricks, if a Defendant makes a deal to accept a plea bargain instead of going to trial, the Defendant will never have access to any investigation evidence regarding the accusations made by the Informant or the identity of the Informant.


Mr. Bucci was fighting for his life. Under no circumstances would he ever consider cooperating with the government. His request for all the case discovery, identities, and information related to the Police Informant who had triggered the criminal investigation was denied to the Defendant by the Government until a few days before the start of the trial. This did not sit well with Mr. Bucci. Clearly it is unfair for the Prosecution to have YEARS to build a case with Police Informant information that is withheld from the Defendant until a few days before the trial begins.

This is a common story from many members of The site doesn't just level the playing field. For many members it has saved lives.


Mr. Bucci did not plea bargain and the Government did withhold the critical informant information until a few days before the trial started. However, in the years before his case went to trial Mr. Bucci created and launched, a list of snitches, rats, turncoats, and police informants. Sure enough, he learned the identify of the snitch (years before his trial started) when a profile for "Thomas Evans" was posted in the Police Informant/Rat database. Other WhosaRat members added additional crucial information that was previously unknown about the informant.

Who's A Rat is a list of snitches, rats, turncoats, and police informants created to level the playing field so criminally charged defendants can investigate the accusations of police informants despite the Government's dirty delay tricks.


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The Public has given kudos to Whosarat has been featured in numerous major print, radio and television and many various other Internet media websites. The site has been visited by millions since its release. It has many members from around the world.

Unsurprisingly, the Government, Prosecutors, Police and Law Enforcement have a very different opinion of They do not want Defendants or the Public to have knowledge of the sneaky and deceptive tricks used to make deals with spineless rat informants who are often paid cash or even released from jail (often for a more serious crime) in exchange for setting up others.